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by ndemik
07.10.2010 07:29
Forum: Helicon Focus: Micro
Topic: Imaging software suggestions?
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Imaging software suggestions?

I have a colleague who is gearing up for a bunch of ant specimen imaging. I've recommended he use Helicon Focus for the editing and merging of stack images, but I'm not sure what software program to recommend for taking the stack images, themselves. He'll have a good Leica scope with a lighting syst...
by ndemik
22.12.2007 01:04
Forum: Helicon Focus: Support
Topic: How to callibrate scale bar?
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Charles, thank you for pointing me towards your most illuminating website. Really brilliant work! I do think it will be possible to make a "cheat sheet" for plugging in accurately calibrated scale bars into HF. If automating scale bar calibration seems feasible in the future development of HF, I can...