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by Wyn Knapp
29.08.2008 16:49
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: Run speed on iMac
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Run speed on iMac

I'm experiencing, what I think are, slow run times on iMac computer. I converted nine images (RAW) shot with Canon 5D in Lightroom 2.0 to TIFF files. Run time to create a finished image is one minute. Does that seem slow? My recollection, seeing Helicon Focus on Windows PC, was that the processing t...
by Wyn Knapp
14.06.2008 05:09
Forum: Helicon Focus: Support
Topic: Mac vs. Windows
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Mac vs. Windows

In making selection of Helicon Focus, are there advantages of using Windows vs. Mac or vice versa as far are software features are concerned?