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by Adrian
08.03.2008 11:38
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Topic: How to Reduce Noise in-camera
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you can actually reduce noise in noisey photos, by taking multiple photographs (static exactly the same), and then stacking them ontop of eachother with opacity . this technique is applied in long exposure work commonly in amateur astrophotography, dslr/non-cooled sensor astrophotography, and quite ...
by Adrian
08.03.2008 09:31
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Topic: Fungus Buddies.
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Fungus Buddies.

this is my first helicon focus stack, hope you like it. ive used helicon focus on quite afew photos now, and im very happy with this software.

im gonna have to get it registered, i really want and need to continue to use it.

if youd like to see more let me know.
by Adrian
08.03.2008 00:07
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: One shot at f32 or 4 shots at f8:?
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I would say that in most cases - it is not worth shooting at minimal apertures where diffraction is apparent. Espeically with shooting in macro - you may save time making a photograph at f/32 but you are actually removing the whole potential of using the macro lens, the details are rendered much les...