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by wildlifeshot
17.07.2008 18:32
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Topic: European crane fly, Tipula paludosa
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Charles Krebs

Are you a fantastic macro photographer my friend very cool images
by wildlifeshot
17.07.2008 18:30
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: Crab Spider
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white spider

Yes Dan i have this guys here too and a red spider too i will try to make a shot for the forum. by the way this spider is awesome i use mp-e but now i'm try to use using this software to make great result like this one. Perfect shot my friend.

by wildlifeshot
17.07.2008 18:25
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Topic: Macro/Landscapes
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cool equipament

I never seen this lense or this equipament b4 very cool image :P
by wildlifeshot
17.07.2008 18:18
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: My first picture
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fantastic first shot

:D congratulations for this shot
so i will use this softw in this next weekend for first time and hope to knoe great shots like ur.
Can you told me what lense did you use in this shot ?