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by wayne3109
10.08.2009 03:21
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Topic: University undergraduate research project
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University undergraduate research project

Hello. I'm a final year undergraduate student at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. Studying in the scientific photography program. This year I am working on completing a small research project that will be making comparisons of methods for extending depth of field in photomacrography. Your so...
by wayne3109
10.08.2009 02:49
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: Congratulations on a glowing review on Luminous Landscape !!
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Have you seen Zerene Stacker? I have only just commenced initial testing of both versions of software (Helicon Focus & Zerene Stacker) for a university research project, and already I can see that the retouching features of Zerene Stacker appear to be better than Helicon...