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by robertwol
13.05.2009 22:46
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Topic: stack skewed
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Maybe, maybe not, but this looks like what I got when I had accidentally unchecked the box in preferences, adjustments, horizontal.
by robertwol
13.05.2009 22:32
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Topic: wet orchid
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wet orchid

Again, only minimal re-touching! :D I am getting the impression that a little sharpening before processing helps HF stack more accurately - any views?
by robertwol
11.05.2009 12:24
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Topic: Flower landscapes
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Flower landscapes

Thought I'd share these two efforts from this spring in Gloucestershire. Very impressed with HF, especially in the speedwell photo (the blue flowers). This needed NO re-touching in HF, just the usual processing in Lightroom. Re-touching the other picture might have gone better with a graphics tablet...