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by pigeonhill
15.07.2016 08:53
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Topic: Auto Landscape Bracketing
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Auto Landscape Bracketing

Like many who use Helicon Focus, the first challenge we face is 'getting our data'. If macro focus stacking life is relatively 'simple', as depth of field is symmetric about the focal point, and there are tools, eg racks, to help us move our cameras by the required, very small, amounts. For the land...
by pigeonhill
09.04.2015 23:17
Forum: Helicon Focus: Support
Topic: Lightroom
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I'm running the latest version, but I think I might be missing a trick. I export from LR OK but I can't seem to automatically get a return trip for my processed image. When I save in HF, do I need to point HF at the folder in LR where my source images are? Do I need to search for this returned image...