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by BStrauss3
15.01.2016 16:03
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Command line interface for remote?
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Command line interface for remote?

Is there a command line interface for Helicon Remote (I'm aware of the one for Focus)...

I'm looking to automate a number of pieces of the shooting workflow, such as output folder names, etc.
by BStrauss3
15.01.2016 14:41
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: USB On-the-Go cables
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Re: USB On-the-Go cables

Sorry for a late reply... It sounds like the problem is on the device. There is a tiny bit of slop between the USB socket and the cable plug. There has to be or you couldn't ever get it inserted. But it's only a flimsy metal shield on the socket end and if you've inserted cables off center over the ...