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by rainiershooter
24.10.2014 03:25
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Topic: Interpolation options
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Interpolation options

Is there some explanation as to the advantages/disadvantages/recommendations of using the various interpolation methods (RAW Development Settings). Is there a default?
by rainiershooter
19.10.2014 06:16
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Topic: *tif Files won't open in Lightroom
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Re: *tif Files won't open in Lightroom

I am having the same problem also....HF generated Tiffs cannot be imported into Lightroom (LR 4 in my case)....error message of either a corrupted file or unsupported format. However, I am able to import the Tiff into Photoshop and from there into Lightroom. Disabling EXIF does not work as a 'workar...
by rainiershooter
13.04.2010 07:18
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Topic: Blurry edges
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Re: Blurry edges

Me too....

I also am seeing quite a bit of blurring along edges between high detail and lack of detail. I have tried reducing the smoothness setting and lowering edge feathering but to no avail. Any further suggestions??