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by See-squared
18.10.2017 20:18
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Topic: Landscape Clouds Ghosting
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Re: Landscape Clouds Ghosting

There are 2 ways of solving this problem; 1; From your Stack, select an Image containing the Clouds and using the " Retouching Tool ( Top Ctr. ) paint out the " ghosting. 2. Save your Stacked Image, import it into Photoshop, select, an Image with Clouds used in the Stack and combine it with the Stac...
by See-squared
04.10.2016 22:11
Forum: Helicon Focus: Support
Topic: Installing Helicon Focus
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Installing Helicon Focus

Just purchased the Software and it will not get open. Am getting a Window that says " procedure Entry Point_std_terminate" could not be found" and my Norton Security Software blocked " killwindow.exe" which was included in the exe. file. Looked up killwindow and it's a aparently a virus. So the ques...