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by JoshuaHardy
30.11.2017 08:42
Forum: Shooting
Topic: determining the final image
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Re: determining the final image

Be sure that the focal point of your camera is set properly. It means that your image must be focused only then you get clear pictures. As it need to captured longer distance give wider view of the image sharply. Helicon Remote estimates number of steps and step size but you can always change this b...
by JoshuaHardy
29.11.2017 11:33
Forum: Helicon Focus: Micro
Topic: "barcode" appeared
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Re: "barcode" appeared

Please select the image and see in the bar whether you have any rotational options for the images. If you have then click and move the image in right angled portion. If it does not work then Do as Mr stas said switch to ascending/descending sorting or use automatically sorting of source images
by JoshuaHardy
29.11.2017 11:23
Forum: Shooting
Topic: How to use Helicon focus where images are not identical
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Re: How to use Helicon focus where images are not identical

Burst shooting mode can be used as an option. Cameras capable of high continuous shooting rates are much desired when the subjects are in motion, as in sports photography, or where the opportunities are brief. Rather than anticipate the action precisely, photographers can simply start shooting from ...