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by jimh12345
22.04.2019 00:38
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Mirrorless
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Re: Mirrorless

I now have a Z6. I'll try the built-in focus stacking but what I've read about it was not very positive; it sounded half-baked. Would love to see Helicon support the Z6/Z7.
by jimh12345
01.12.2018 21:16
Forum: Shooting
Topic: Capture One v12 plug-in
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Capture One v12 plug-in

I'm thinking about upgrading from C1 v11 to v12 - the upgrade is pricey, but it adds support for plugins, and I see there's one for Helicon Focus. But what does that plugin really do? The description is vague - is there any documentation?
by jimh12345
02.03.2018 18:30
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: about Stackshot
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about Stackshot

I'm using Helicon Focus with a Sony and I want to automate the process somehow. I know Helicon oesn't support Sony, apparently because Sony's API doesn't include focus control. A bit of research turns up Stackshot (and a couple of cheaper competitors), which works by moving the camera on a rail. It'...