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by hermitdog
08.04.2018 01:38
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Topic: Stinkbug antenna joint
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Stinkbug antenna joint

The brown marmorated stinkbug (aka, Halyomorpha halys) has antennae that consist of three segments connected by two joints. Moving inward toward the stinkbug's head from the tip of an antenna, this is an image of the first joint at 40x magnification. I am singing praise for Helicon Focus Pro to all...
by hermitdog
06.04.2018 23:23
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Topic: Foot of the wasp
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Foot of the wasp

This is one of the six feet of the same wasp whose wing I imaged in a previous post in this gallery. This time I made 25 layers - starting with what was farthest away and moving a bit closer with each layer. I used Method C (pyramid) for the render.
Wasp foot helicon method c.jpg
Wasp foot helicon method c.jpg (154.95 KiB) Viewed 6940 times
by hermitdog
04.04.2018 15:49
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Topic: Wasp wing - 10x AmScope phase contrast microscope
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Wasp wing - 10x AmScope phase contrast microscope

This is my very first trial with Helicon Focus: a 10x microscopic view of a wasp's wing. I'd made a panning video of the same wing earlier ( ) because having all of the wing surface in focus simultaneously was impossible. Helicon Focus made it possible! Now I'm experimen...