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by MHamiltonVisuals
07.03.2019 23:54
Forum: Helicon FB Tube
Topic: Problem Programming Helicon FB Tube
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Re: Problem Programming Helicon FB Tube

Hello iwardlaw, did you switch to LiveView on your camera. Without LiveView the data will not be send. So was my experience at the first use of Helicon FB Tube. I was also confused, why the green LED will not blinking when sending data. Then i started LiveView mode an it works well. Regards Rainer ...
by MHamiltonVisuals
07.03.2019 23:43
Forum: Shooting
Topic: Can I make it sharper
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Re: Can I make it sharper

I would definitely recommend shooting in the F8-F11 area in order to get the sharpest images. Then play with your shutter speed to account for the loss in light. I also saw someone recommend the Helicon FB Tube. I just used this the other day for the first time and expected to see a loss in image qu...