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by Davey-2
07.09.2020 04:34
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Topic: The tour continues
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The tour continues

Having the capability to do stacks has enhanced my ability to record my environment The stacks of the University of Florida stadium were taken from the upper row. Looking east is the campus and south is Paynes Prairie, an intermittently flooded lake bed. These stacks were done with a Nikon Z50 and h...
by Davey-2
07.09.2020 03:54
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Topic: while we are at it
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while we are at it

The Florida pine forests were the source of wood, turpentine, and other solvents used to build boats for shipping in the 1800's This turpentine mill was reconstructed from multiple mills. It is located in the research forest where I took the stack posted earlier. I also posted a stack of a still use...
by Davey-2
07.09.2020 02:56
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Topic: agapanthus and florida pine forest
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agapanthus and florida pine forest

the agapanthus image is now a meter sized poster in my office

thought some might find the pine forest of some interest
by Davey-2
18.02.2020 04:57
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Topic: blurry effect in stacking
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Re: blurry effect in stacking

Please explain how one can one use one image rendered from A or C to patch a B rendering

Couldn't figure it out

by Davey-2
13.01.2020 00:47
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Topic: fb tube, wow!!!
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fb tube, wow!!!

A great product. A big thank you to HelilconSoft and Catherine for developing and helping me with the fb tube. The realm of macro has entered a new era for me with this device. It now takes 2 seconds longer to take a series of hand held images that can be merged to extend depth of field than it took...