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by amballin
29.09.2020 23:23
Forum: Helicon Remote
Topic: Support for Canon Mirrorless Cameras
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Re: Support for Canon Mirrorless Cameras

I have downloaded HR Beta and I can select the Canon R5. With camera in Manual mode I can change the exposure settings. I can toggle the live view button but nothing happens on my Mac (catalina) - No image is displayed and I can not take a fast preview, nor a picture
by amballin
30.03.2020 19:38
Forum: Helicon Focus: Support
Topic: "The File Appears Damaged"
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Re: "The File Appears Damaged"

I have the same issue running on Macos Catalina with HF 7.6.1 Pro unlimited. I have found that only the first file saved as dng is okay, all subsequent files get the damaged message in LR, this is independent of rendering method. I am willing to test a beta version of the fix it that will help. Thanks