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by gpmatthews
02.01.2008 16:45
Forum: Helicon Focus: Micro
Topic: Daphnia (5 image stack)
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I think it is probably Ceriodaphnia reticulata
by gpmatthews
23.10.2005 20:59
Forum: Helicon Focus: Macro
Topic: Mortar
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Having seen the topic concerning threads in other forums which showed some impressive railway model pictures, I thought I'd try Helicon Focus on one of my military models: A small amount of retouching has been performed on the background o...
by gpmatthews
16.10.2005 23:32
Forum: Helicon Focus: Micro
Topic: Moth Head
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Moth Head

Microscope: Projectina
Objective: Projectina x10 macro
Ocular: Watson x8 Compensating
Camera: Canon Powershot S50
85 images

Unfortunately, missing antenna!