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Question about Files Sizes

Posted: 10.10.2018 22:09
by jorsillo
Wondering if you can shed some light on the file sizes I'm seeing when using the Raw-in-DNG out workflow?
I'm using a Nikon D850. The camera produces NEF files that weigh in at around 92MB. If I open these in Adobe Camera Raw and save as DNG, the resulting file is around 48MB. Now when I use Focus to stack multiple NEF files and save as DNG the resulting file varies anywhere from 160~175MB, while the overall pixel count is nearly identical to the camera originals 8254x5502, and assuming everything stays at the same 14bit depth.

This isn't a problem really, just more curious as to where the extra data is coming from.

Re: Question about Files Sizes

Posted: 11.10.2018 12:34
by Stas Yatsenko
Looks like Camera Raw doesn't perform demosaicing, but Helicon Focus has to perform this step of decoding the raw file. Demosaicing increases file size roughly 2-3 times.