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Broken DNG

Posted: 18.10.2018 11:17
by BobStone
Rendered a 3 frame landscape stack of Nikon raw (NEF) images and used the retouch brush to clean up the final image. I noted that the retouching did not appear in the thumbnail image displayed in the film strip at the bottom. Saved the results to DNG.

When opening the DNG in ACR, a 'File appears damaged' error dialog appeared, and the retouching was not seen. But when the dialog was dismissed, the retouched image appeared! I could open in PS as a smart object with no problems. This happened for rendering methods B and C. (Did not try A.)

As a further test, I saved the 3 raw files to both TIF and JPG in ACR, then rendered and retouched each stack in HF. Again, the retouching is not displayed in the thumbnails, but the saved images were correct and opened without issue.

HF 7.0.2
Bridge CC 2019
DNG Converter 11

--------------- Update ------------
Found a modest DNG validator on GitHub. Can't vouch for the accuracy or effectiveness of the output. Hope it means something to you!

The Error message it displays is:

NewRawImageDigest does not match raw image.

Re: Broken DNG

Posted: 19.10.2018 11:52
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks, we'll look into the NewRawImageDigest problem. Our older [than 2019] Adobe products don't display any errors, as well as other software capable of importing DNGs.
Could you post a link to the DNG validator you mentioned? Can't find it.

As for the thumbnails in the bottom strip: those are not live so they don't reflect the changes you make during retouching. It's for performance reasons.

Re: Broken DNG

Posted: 19.10.2018 13:31
by BobStone
Thanks for the quick reply Stas …

Re: Broken DNG

Posted: 24.10.2018 14:39
by Stas Yatsenko
We will investigate this issue.