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Newbie Help

Posted: 19.12.2018 17:48
by H_Gwin
I use a Nikon D850 camera and a Sigma 180 Macro lens. Took pictures of a ruler to determine how many shots I need at cover a specific area. Exported 20 images into HF and it appeared to stack the photos. The 20 photos resulted in about 1 3/8 inch of dof. HF exported the stacked image back into LR, but the stacked image basically repeated the first photo that was taken, and was not stacked from the first photo to the last photo taken. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

Re: Newbie Help

Posted: 19.12.2018 21:35
by el48tel
Could be LR has not actually catalogued the stack output image. Have you watched the excellent "how to do it" videos?

Might be worth just checking you got all of the steps -- my first attempts were "interesting" until I'd followed the procedures.