problem with programming fb tube

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problem with programming fb tube

Post by andymara » 13.02.2019 18:02

hello, first sorry for my english, I have a problem, when I try to program fb tube, the green led on the tube does not light up even if everything is connected correctly.
I currently use an iPhone 8plus

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Re: problem with programming fb tube

Post by cybervet » 27.02.2020 00:05

I am also new and was having a similar problem with an iPhoneSE connecting the the FB Tube. Green LED would not flash when sending the configuration.

Catherine at the Helicon Help Desk suggested the following:
1. "mono should be off"- Settings>Accessibility>Hearing>Audio/Visual>Mono Audio - turn to OFF
2. "equalizers, amplifiers - off" - Settings>Music>Playback>EQ - turn to OFF
3. "volume level normalization - off" - Settings>Music>Playback>Sound Check - turn to OFF

After changing these settings (2 of the 3 were set incorrectly), and turning the volume on the phone to max, the FB Tube started to flash green when sending configurations to the Tube.

Maybe that will work for you too? Hope it helps.

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