Odd DNG + retouch + Lighroom behaviour

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Odd DNG + retouch + Lighroom behaviour

Post by jarlrmai2 » 24.03.2019 03:01

I made a stack, retouched in the background from the best shot, exported to DNG.

When I import the DNG into Lightroom the retouching appears to not be there at 1:1 view in Develop but is there at fit.

It also looks different at fit and 1:1 in Library mode.

This is really odd to explain so I made a video hope it works, its a bit hard to see with the YT compression


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Re: Odd DNG + retouch + Lighroom behaviour

Post by BobStone » 24.03.2019 11:08

I notice that too, although in Adobe Camera Raw, not LR. I believe that HF creates an internal JPG for the DNG that comes form one of the original frames. In Bridge the retouched image thumbnail looks unchanged, but once opened in PS, all the changes are there.

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