Saving stack map

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Saving stack map

Post by vudiemphuongchi » 15.04.2019 17:18

It would be cool if one could save the stack project or stack data to go back to it and make changes if needed, often I found after the stack is done and I'm back in Lightroom that things that are pretty dark where not stacked correctly since there was probably not enough information to detect the sharp areas and create the right stacking. If you had an option to save the session, let's say the way that each photo was aligned, then I could re export all the images with a different development so the dark areas contain more information and are better stacked, and by using the saved session I could be sure I will get another image that will be in perfect register with the previous stack of the same material. Same for HDR processing, basically images will be the same but with different exposure, as it is now, there is no assurance each output will have the same size / position for each set of exposures, but if one can reload and re apply the aligning info from a previous session, then the output will always match

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Re: Saving stack map

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 16.04.2019 14:05

You can save project now. Mostly it is done so that you can continue retouching after quitting the program.

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