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Picture disappears in HF 7.5.x

Posted: 26.04.2019 11:48
by Olaf Craasmann
Hello everybody,

i am using HF 7.5.4 with GPU acceleration and amazing speed. So far so good. Since i have updated to 7.5.x there is an issue, when i try to do a stack again with the same method, for example with fewer images or other parameters. The main picture desappears, there is only a gray area left. I can still save the result or do even new stacks, but the main picture doesn't come back. This happens on all of my computers. I have to close HF and start it again then.

Please help.

Best regards from Hamburg, Germany

Re: Picture disappears in HF 7.5.x

Posted: 26.04.2019 15:36
by Stas Yatsenko
Please upload your stack to our server (as described at and we will see what is happening.
If you are user of GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive or other cloud service, you can upload your files there and send us a link.

Re: Picture disappears in HF 7.5.x

Posted: 29.04.2019 10:23
by Olaf Craasmann
This happens not in combination with a specific stack, but with every stack from every camera i use, on every computer i use, wich means about 20 cameras and four computers. I doesn't matter if the camera is a sony or a panasonic, if i use an AMD based Laptop or an Intel Desktop. No matter if Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. So I think it is a softwarebug in HF wich is simply comprehensible and easy to fix. Just load a stack from any JPEG Images, let it run once and start it again with the same method. I bet you will have the same problem.

best regards

Re: Picture disappears in HF 7.5.x

Posted: 29.04.2019 13:18
by Stas Yatsenko
No, any JPEG images doesn't cut, I can't reproduce the issue (and there's no way we would miss something so easily reproducible during pre-release testing). Just tried it again on two computers with different GPU vendors (Intel and Nvidia). Maybe there's some extra action or extra settings that triggers it. Is there any chance you record what you're doing on video so we can reproduce it step by step?
Also please do the following: reproduce the problem, then send a bug report (menu -> Help -> Report a bug), paste the link to this forum topic in the description so that we know what to look for. Then, open the settings and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W and proceed to erase the settings as prompted. Then restart Helicon Focus and see if the issue still occurs.

Re: Picture disappears in HF 7.5.x

Posted: 10.05.2019 11:25
by TheDocAUS
I have had this happen a few times. I could not work out why it was happening. Restarting Helicon fixes it, but I have had it occur 2 or 3 times.

On all occasions it was a stack using jpgs - extracted from a 6K video by Helicon.

I was NOT using GPU acceleration.

I was not able to reproduce it, it was random.

Re: Picture disappears in HF 7.5.x

Posted: 10.05.2019 14:21
by Catherine
Thanks for the info. Could you please send us the video, so that we could try reproducing the issue? We've never managed to. Additionally, it would be great if you sent a bug report (menu -> Help -> Report a bug) the next time it happens.
Thank you.
Helicon Soft

Re: Picture disappears in HF 7.5.x

Posted: 14.05.2019 06:33
by TheDocAUS
I have been working on many videos. I cannot recall which one it was. If it happens again I will report it.