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new Macbook pro planned

Posted: 20.05.2019 12:18
by westphar

I’m planning to replace my late 2013 Macbook pro by a new one. Therefor, I wonder that the highest available GPU option Vega 20 seems not to be supported by Helicon Focus pro.
Will this GPU on a Macbook pro be supported in near future or would you recommend to go with the basic GPU option which is a AMD Radeon pro 560X.

Thank you for further answers !

BR Robert

Re: new Macbook pro planned

Posted: 13.06.2019 21:26
by westphar
Almost 3 weeks since my question and no answer posted - that makes customer happy 😡

Re: new Macbook pro planned

Posted: 26.06.2019 23:04
by Catherine
Sorry for leaving your question without a reply for too long.
We suppose it will be supported. We aim to support gpus from ~2015. But unfortunately, we can't test it so far.