What are the differences?

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What are the differences?

Post by mickklass » 08.06.2019 02:41

I've been poking around the Helicon website, without success, trying to find something describing the differences between the Lite, Pro and Premium versions.

Where can I find that?

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Re: What are the differences?

Post by Catherine » 26.06.2019 22:50

There are three types of Helicon Focus licenses - Lite, Pro and Premium.

Helicon Focus Lite includes all the basic stacking algorithms, but does not include Pro features, like retouching, OpenCL hardware acceleration, possibility to save to .dng etc.

Helicon Focus Pro and Premium include Helicon Focus Pro and Helicon Remote license (desktop version (Win, Mac OS) with Pro license and multi-platform (Win, Mac OS, Android, iOS) with Premium one).

Helicon Focus Lite = Helicon Focus Lite license
Helicon Focus Pro Package = Helicon Focus Pro license + Helicon Remote for desktop computers (Windows, Mac OS X)
Helicon Focus Premium Package = Helicon Focus Pro license + Helicon Remote multi-platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS)

Here you can find the full list of Lite, Pro and Premium features: https://www.heliconsoft.com/helicon-focus-versions-licensing/

Each type of license is available for 1 year or lifetime.

One year license is valid during one year after purchase and reverts to demo mode afterwards - once this period is over the program will add promotional text to the resulting image and will limit its resolution to 4 Mpixels unless you register the program.

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