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Larry Gouliard
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GRBL - G Code Plug In

Post by Larry Gouliard » 14.06.2019 02:13

would it be possible for you to write a plug in that will out put GRBL G code movement commands ?

GRBL is the standard for CNC and 3D printing ... using G codes would enable the use of inexpensive stepper motor drivers ... the Adruino Uno with CNC shield and motor driver is less than USD $25

this plug in would also allow the use of CNC and 3D printing hardware to be used for panoramic stitching (both X & Y) while focus stacking in the Z axis

i am a pro level lifetime licensee and i would be willing to fund the writing of this plug in

i am SURE others would purchase this plug in as well

please respond with a cost estimate

thank you

Helicon Help Desk Support

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Hello Larry,

thank you for contacting us about this.

We were thinking of this. We have it on our plan, but can't give a time estimate.

Could you recommend a device to be used for tests?

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Best regards,
Catherine Tolok
Helicon Help Desk
Greetings Catherine

To test a G code plug in, i would recommend the "Standard" GRBL controller configuration used in the CNC / 3D Printer community

Arduino Uno with a (generic version of the Protoneer) CNC shield and (generic Pololu style) stepper motor driver module

the Arduino Uno / CNC shield combination programmed with GRBL G Code interpreter is the standard used in the CNC / 3D Printer / Maker community

The Arduino Uno with CNC shield is capable of driving almost ANY stepper motor of the Nema 17 or Nema 23 class

Use of the Arduino Uno / CNC shield will allow the inexpensive hardware used for CNC and 3D printing to be used as linear (Z axis) stages for focus stacking

In addition, the Arduino / CNC shield would allow for complete XY Cartesian control which would provide a platform for automatic panoramic stitching

Cost of the Arduino Uno / CNC shield stepper motor driver is approximately USD $25
Arduino Uno.jpg
Arduino Uno USD $8.49

Arduino Uno CNC Shield.jpg
Arduino Uno CNC Motor Driver Shield USD S6.79
Each CNC Motor Driver Shield is capable of controlling 3 axes depending on the number of motor driver modules installed
(note that this is a package of 2 boards but only 1 board is required)

Arduino CNC Stepper Motor Driver Module2.jpg
Stepper motor driver modules USD $9.99
one stepper motor module is required for each motor controlled
(note that this is a package of 5 stepper motor driver modules but only 1 module is required )

Total cost as purchased from Amazon USD $25.27
(Purchase from Amazon yields enough spare parts that a second GRBL controller could be constructed solely for the cost of a second Arduino Uno)

Again, i am willing to fund development of a G- Code plug in if that would accelerate implementation

May i also suggest a posting and discussion in the Helicon Forum, as i am sure many users would be interested in a G Code plug in
(i am also sure there are folks in the forum with much more experience with CNC / 3D Printers than i have)



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Thanks a lot for the info and details, we'll be discussing it further with the team.

Sure, you're welcome to post a topic on our forum, it will be interesting for us to see the discussion as well.

We'll see what can be done.

Kind regards,

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