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Monitor Profile

Posted: 14.06.2019 14:46
by BlindPilot

I am using Helicon Focus on a stack of linear gamma images (gamma =1) and all works fine. I now would like to do some retouching but, as espected, the image looks too dark on the screen.

- To be more specific my images have been generated in Rawtherapee with the "RT_large_g10.icc"(gamma =1) output profile.

- The images are correctly displayed in Photoshop

What monitor profile can I use in Helicon Focus so that the images can be correctly seen? I have tried "RT_large_g10.icc" but they look even darker


Re: Monitor Profile

Posted: 16.06.2019 09:52
by Catherine
Normally colors are displayed correctly if no color profile is set in the settings.

If not, please set the sRGB profile of your monitor manually ( Or you can send us a sample with this profile, so that we can check it.

Re: Monitor Profile

Posted: 17.06.2019 14:40
by BlindPilot

As I said, my image is using a profile with a Gamma = 1 and the sRGB profile has a Gamma = 2.2 This is precisely the problem!

I have sent you a sample image.