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Feature request: stack splitting, minimum number of frames

Posted: 19.06.2019 21:48
by MplsLensman
I'm dealing with my second day of serious experimentation with focus stacking; went and shot 1000 photos around a really good garden. Many of them are individual shots (often in two or more copies shot fairly close together), the rest are focus stacks.

As it says in the help, sorting this mess out is hard. For my particular camera (Olympus EM-1 MkII) there is EXIF data that identifies which photos are part of a stack and what sequence number in the stack each photo is; maybe I'll get desperate enough to write my own Perl script to deal with things that way (since I don't have to support all the other cameras out there :) ).

But, in the mean time (and, really, it'd be better if your stack splitting did well enough to use), it would be very handy to be able to use a combination of time delay between shots and minimum number of pictures in the stack; when I ran my directory, I got about the proper number of 20 and 25 photo stacks, and then a huge number of bogus 1, 2, 3, 5, and 7 frame stacks (dunno why all prime; maybe just selective attention on my part). It asked me if I wanted to throw out the one-shot stacks, and that helped some, but it would be nice if I could just set a minimum number of images to be a stack and automatically throw out everything that doesn't make the minimum.

Or, read the EXIF data and find the actual stacks, but I haven't looked into what other cameras do; I'm guessing it's not standardized (even de facto) and you'd sink into a quagmire of supporting far too many different ways of doing things to be sane. But if I'm wrong that's better, of course.