Output file size

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Output file size

Post by semayoga » 29.06.2019 10:39

After the photos have been stacked what is the Output file size?

Is Output file size determined by input files? If I used photos that are 42 megapixels does this add up in final output?

How does it work?

what file types of output files and sizes can i select?

I want to know it the output will retain the detail of the original

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Re: Output file size

Post by Catherine » 29.06.2019 22:18

Yes, the output will retain the detail of the original, the output image resolution is the same as the input resolution (42 megapixels in your example) minus a couple pixels cropped out during the alignment phase (pixels along the edge that contain objects visible only on some images and not others, e. g. due to focus breathing).
The available formats you can save the result in are JPEG, TIFF (lossless) and DNG (raw format that retains the maximum possible information from the source raw files; only available in Helicon Focus Pro and only with raw source images).

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Re: Output file size

Post by Ipowercoupon » 15.07.2019 14:37

Output of file size are any digits because it based on the file database, what include in the file, after calculating the data and showing the file size.

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