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Integration with Capture One

Posted: 29.07.2019 14:50
by vidal1986
Hello there,

it may be somewhere already, but I can't find answers.

So I am quite a newbie with Helicon, I've seen it in a colleague's studio and I was impressed. So I downloaded it and I now I am using it.

My problem is photostacking jewellery. With my colleague's version, which is not the latest (we checked this together), once he exports from C1 the variants, Helicon automatically import those files. In my case instead (I have the latest version of both software) I have to export, then manually import the files. I properly set C1 to open Helicon Focus, but files are not loaded.

Help me please!!

Re: Integration with Capture One

Posted: 14.08.2019 11:16
by TheDocAUS
Are you using the Capture One Plug in?

Look here: