How to callibrate scale bar?

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The sensor's physical size, and the pixels per side are specific values that are not prone to error. (Although with some cameras it may take some "Googling" to get the values for the active sensor area).

I like the method used by AutoMontage and some of the other "microscope" oriented software I've tried. But realistically, quite a few "non-professional" users of microscopes do not have access to a good stage micrometer.

Magnification values can be as accurate as the user wishes. Some absolutely need highly accurate magnification values and calibrate their systems accordingly through testing with a stage micrometer. Others will rely on the values engraved on their lenses or, with a microscope, use the product of the objectives and the relay optics as the recorded magnification.

Since I mostly use a compound microscope there are only 5 or 6 magnifications that I use regularly so it's pretty easy to have a sheet with those pixel values (or percentages) close at hand.

It just seems that whatever method is used for calculation or calibration, it should not be too difficult to make the process a bit more "automatic" in the Helicon Focus program.



Measurement and scale

Post by Laglue37 » 27.07.2009 20:54

First excuse my poor English.
I buy this day Helicon focus.
In my first test i meet problem with calibration of scale.
I found quite a lot difficult to do that and also very time consuming.
In my precedent programme I have just to plot 2 points on a picture of a rule in m/m that make a number of pixel., and the program create the scale automaticaly because we enter the know distance on the rule
Have a look to CZP to have a demonstration of this trial.
So now I create my picture with Helicon -focus and I scale it with CZP (not very easy but it work fine).
Many thank's for your interest and answers.

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