Two more axis stacking.

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Two more axis stacking.

Post by LaMaviuta »

Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far helicon focus is able to combine photos, that differ only by Z axis (depth). Is there any way that you could add X and Y to stacking algorithm? This would allow taking photos of bigger subjects by stacking many of them together, and then performing depth analys, or everything at once.
Is this possible at the moment, or is planned in the future?
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Re: Two more axis stacking.

Post by Catherine »

Helicon Focus has panorama stitching feature by x and y axes, but it works only for cases without non-linear distortions, for instance, for images made with a motorized microscope. For tasks with non-linear distortions, like a 360-degree panorama, for instance, focus stacking should be done first, and only then the results can be combined into a panorama. If you make it in the opposite order, panorama distortions will most probably be a bit different which can render focus stacking impossible.
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