Helicon Focus Hangs with Two DNG Files

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Helicon Focus Hangs with Two DNG Files

Post by Stoaty »

I have version 7.6.1 running on Windows 10/64. No problems using on DNG files sent from Lightroom previously. Today I have two landscape images that were shot handheld with focus close up in one image and at infinity in the other. No matter what method I use (A, B, C) Helicon Focus does not finish and produce a result. I am using Radius - 2 and Smoothing - 2. I plan to retouch once I get a result to work with. Suggestions? Should I file a bug?


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Re: Helicon Focus Hangs with Two DNG Files

Post by Catherine »

Could you please try opening these files in Helicon Focus directly rather than exporting them from LR. Do you manage to process them this way?
Could you please specify what exactly you mean saying HF does not finish processing - does it crash or freeze? Do you receive any failure message?
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