Export from LR 8.3

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Export from LR 8.3

Post by Erik_Christensen »

I have previously exported photos to Helicon without any problem, however, today LR shows "exporting 10 photos to Helicon Focus" with stopping - in Helicon Focus all 10 photos appear with check mark, as if they have been received in full, but I cannot make anything - split of the photo does not appear, rendering not possible! When closing Helicon Focus to go back to LR I get the message: Helicon Focus did not return a result.
If Helicon Focus was functioning, I assume it would automatically return the result to LR, as I cannot find a menu item: export to LR !!
Hope somebody can help a beginner
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Re: Export from LR 8.3

Post by Catherine »

Once the images are exported to Helicon Focus, please select the rendering method and press Render button. Please let us know if you encounter any problems processing the stack.

When the stack is rendered, please save the output and close Helicon Focus in order for the saved result to be imported back to LR.
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