Auto Landscape Bracketing

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Auto Landscape Bracketing

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Like many who use Helicon Focus, the first challenge we face is 'getting our data'. If macro focus stacking life is relatively 'simple', as depth of field is symmetric about the focal point, and there are tools, eg racks, to help us move our cameras by the required, very small, amounts.

For the landscape focus stackers or bracketeers, things a little more complicated, as the depth of field between each image varies enormously. This is why I decided to write an in-camera auto-focus stacking bracketing script...but I'm afraid only for Canon shooters, as it uses Magic Lantern.

The script does both focus and exposure bracketing, together or independently. In addition it does LE exposure simulation bracketing and multiple image taking for superres processing.

Focus stacking is fully handled with three use cases: FP to HFD, FP to INF and FP to Macro. In addition, the focus stacks are created based on diffraction aware DoF equations.

Rather than take up space here, I have written about my efforts, including how I use Helicon Focus as part of my post processing workflow,

I appreciate this post will only 'talk' to the Canon community, however, I thought some would derive benefit from my script and I offer it with the usual caveats: it works for me on my 5D3 and I wrote it for my workflow. Finally, I welcome feedback of any kind, and am responsive to any ideas to make the script better.
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