Batch Process Hanging

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Batch Process Hanging

Post by john80504 »

In the past I have used the Batch function to process multiple groups of images from a Landscape Panoramic set consisting of dozens of focus stack groups with no issues. I am attempting to process some images I shoot last week and have hit a roadblock.

I am trying to use the Batch function to process these images. I am finding that when I tell the program to start the batch process it hangs on the second or third group of images. I have left it for over an hour to see if it would continue.

The current set I am working on consists of 7 images per focus stack and I have 18 sets for a total of 126 images. I am setting the Split Stack by image count set to 7 and it shows that I have 18 stacks to process. I am outputting the stacked image as a tiff format file. The photos are taken using a Canon 5DSR 50.1 megapixel camera so the image files are quite large. If I process each set manually it does just fine. Only have issues if I attempt to Batch process them.

My computer is a Hexcore i7-6800 CPU@ 3.40 GHZ with 128 GB of RAM. Video card is a GeForce GTX 970. Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit. The hard drive where I am processing the images from and to has 3 TB of free space. I have a secondary SSD drive that I have setup Helicon Focus to use as it's Disk Cache folder. That drive has 664 GB of free space on it.

When I tell the Batch Processor to start Rendering it does 1 or 2 of the images and then hangs permanently. I have tried several different Rendering Methods and all do the same thing.

Looking for suggestions on how to get this Batch process to run.
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Re: Batch Process Hanging

Post by Catherine »

Could you please let us know if the problem persists?
Are you running Helicon Focus v.7.6.1.?
Would you be able to provide several files for a test? If so, could you please upload it to any file storage and send a link to
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