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Files shown with lines

Post by Stefanie71 »

So I'm trying the software to see how it works but it seems to not work well at all. I have a stack of 26 files (CR2 from Canon EOS 6DII) and when I open them in the program they already look like a line drawing with rendering it only gets worse and the output file has a red triangle but I can't figure out what the error is (hovering over it doesn't give anything)I tried to finish anyway nut the output looks like the image isn't lined out correctly and another attempt even showed the lines in the output
Helicon 3.JPG
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Helicon 4.JPG
Helicon 4.JPG (55.61 KiB) Viewed 2168 times
Whats going on here?
It can't be that much off since I could stack the files with photoshop
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Re: Files shown with lines

Post by Catherine »

We'll be happy to check if something goes wrong during processing and if there are any adjustments that can help producing a good result. If you can share the stack with us, please upload it to any file storage and send us the link to We'll do our best to assist.

As for the lines on the output, please try the following:

- Please open Helicon Focus and go to menu->Help->Deactivate
- Delete the current version of Helicon Focus you have
- Download and install the latest version from our website again:
- Run Helicon Focus
- Go to menu->Edit->Preferences and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+W and try again to see if this resolved the problem
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