Dust map

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Dust map

Post by didierh » 23.04.2020 09:50


I did stackings of microphotographies with dust map, but it seems the dust map functionality doesn't impove the result.

Could anyone tell me if I do correctly ?

1) I took several photos of a radiolarian with different depths of fields (all in .jpg)
2) I load the photos in Helicon (File > Open Stack)
3) I took one photo with a blanc paper that I named : _mydustmap2.jpg
4) I loaded my dust map in Helicon (File > Set dust map)
5) I processed the rendering

I did several attempts with different methods (A,B,C), but without success.

Here is a screen copy of one attempt.
Resume of one attempt.jpg
Resume of one attemp
Resume of one attempt.jpg (65.72 KiB) Viewed 233 times

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