Registration deactivation

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Registration deactivation

Post by Charlesjsharp »

Watch out everyone. Helicon Soft is trying to double charge you.
My software deactivated and I have just been told that 'some of the previous versions before v.7.5.8, OS updates could have caused registration deactivation requiring to re-enter the activation code.'
I only discovered this when I asked them why they were ripping me off with a poor dollar/pound exchange rate.
In their first response they didn't bother to check that I had already paid for a lifetime licence. I just assumed I'd bought a one year licence.
Basically, Helicon know there's a problem, but have failed to warn me. And I guess they've double charged other users. It's great way to make money.
I asked for an escalation to senior management, but was ignored.
I also asked by my FB Tube didn't work with my Canon 100-400mm II lens, but again no response.
Not good.
Not good at all.
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Re: Registration deactivation

Post by Catherine »

We are sorry you had to enter the code again. Normally our customers know the type of license they purchased, or in case of doubt, our customer are always welcome log in to Help Desk system: to check the term of validity, or contact us directly.

Please let me remind you that when you contacted us about your intention to purchase another lifetime license, we told you that you have already got one and there’s no need to purchase it again: “…I can see you've already got a Helicon Focus Pro lifetime license registered with this email address: *****. Your activation code is *********.”

Also we were willing to solve the issue of the exchange rate you found unfair at our cost: “Unfortunately, we have no control of the exchange rate as set by the payment processor, but we will be happy to offer you a discount. You're welcome to contact me about that.”

As we wrote you in our email, we’re willing to assist you in setting the tube up to work with this lens, but we need your answers about settings in order to understand where the problem is. Unfortunately, we haven’t received your reply so far, which makes troubleshooting a bit complicated.

Also it’s important to say that all of our customers who request a refund, receive it. Many of our customers know that we were the first to contact them if we noticed the license has been purchased twice to double-check if that wasn’t a mistake and if the second purchase shouldn’t be refunded due to this mistake. Many of our customers do need several licenses though, it's also quite common.

We did everything we could for you not to incur any additional charges and we will be happy to assist you setting up the tube.
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Re: Registration deactivation

Post by Charlesjsharp »

Catherine, your post is inaccurate

Please let me remind you Catherine that when I first conducted Helicon Soft on 27 April I said:
I have had Helcicon Soft for a year and have tried to buy a Pro Licence for $200, but the UK Pounds exchange rate you apply is incorrect. Please can you review this.
Thank you

You replied the same day:

Hello James,

thank you for contacting us about this.

Unfortunately, exchange rate is something we have no control of, it's the payment processor to set rates. Sometimes their rate is slightly higher than the market one, but usually the difference is not significant.
Also please note that tax may be added at the checkout, so the total price in GBP will be higher.

If you still believe there's a mistake, could you please send me a screen shot of the checkout page, we'll check it.

Please let me know if I can be of any assistance, I'll be happy to help.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

You did not, as you claim, tell me that I had a lifetime licence when I contacted Helicon Soft, so please withdraw your claim that you told me when I contacted you. You only told me after I sent a follow-up message.

As for your claim that 'we need your answers about settings'. You have NOT responded to my question about the FB Tube, nor have you sent me any questions.

Let's stick to the truth, shall we. And please sen me the questions.

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