How to avoid ghosts?

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How to avoid ghosts?

Post by JussiP » 02.06.2020 19:24

Sirs, what is Your advice:

In order to avoid shadow (or ghosts) created by a stacking program, is it in the focus bracketing phase useful
1) to use a shorter or longer macro lens as a general rule?
2) to use smaller or greater aperture as a general rule?
3) to increase or decrease the step between frames as a general rule ?

Is there common rules in the case that there are no other restrictions (ugly background, need of short exposure time etc)?

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Re: How to avoid ghosts?

Post by Catherine » 15.06.2020 17:02

Here are some of our general recommendations:

1. This needs to be experimented with. Short lenses normally have shallower DoF, which may decrease the blur behind the foreground
2. The smaller, the better
3. Should not make any difference

Textured background helps the program distinguishing between the fore- and the background better.

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