It cooked my camera

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It cooked my camera

Post by KRK1969 » 12.06.2020 11:27

I installed the Helicon software last night and eagerly went on to experiment.
It stopped quite quick. I got the dreaded Err 70 on my Canon 77D and now I have either to spend a lot of money repairing it or a lot of money buying a new camera.
So much for Helicon.

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Re: It cooked my camera

Post by Catherine » 12.06.2020 20:19

Have you tried pulling the battery out and reinserting it?

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Re: It cooked my camera

Post by gluggo » 14.06.2020 21:28

So excuse me for not understanding but I just recently loaded Helicon Pro on my laptop. I tether my Cannons t6i to my laptop to snap the photos. I then use the new photos and insert them into the Helicon program for the stacking process. Is this what we are talking about because my camera never sees Helicon to cause harm. Maybe I am using this different anyways just trying to understand. TYIA

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