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Andrii Haida
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General suggestions

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We are using Helicon Focus for stacking high amounts of photos with batch process. I have noticed a few things that, maybe, can be included in future builds to make workflow faster (if you will see this useful).

In some shoots the naming includes dot "." symbols - for example, "ABFC.12345". Unfortunately, Helicon is cutting all of the symbols after the dot, so we are ending with "ABFC". If we will have a bunch of files that are different after dots (ABFC.12345 and ABFC.54321) it will save just the last of them by rewriting all of the others.

For now, we are bypass this by changing "." with some other symbols, for example, "_rrr_" so it could be changed easily later with the dot, it adds few extra steps to workflow and may cause future mistakes in naming (which is very important).

The other thing is that Helicon is naming the files automatically with the last picture in the stack, and we need to rename every stacked picture manually because in our case it has to be named with the first picture name (if the stack has 30 photos ABFC.0001 to ABFC.0030 it will name it with ABFC.0030). It would be good to have an option where you choose what photo should be used for naming - first or last.

P.S. We are using Helicon Focus 7.6.1 Pro.
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