New User - Render Layers Export Question

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New User - Render Layers Export Question

Post by a_mumford »

How can I use Helicon Focus to focus stack my images but then render the result as a layered tif file with the data for each image intact - i.e. unmatted without transparency preferably w Alpha ?


Andrew Mumford
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Re: New User - Render Layers Export Question

Post by Jaskolski »

If you take a macro shot, which is close to the subject, for example, flowers, insects, jewelry ... the sharpness of the image decreases. In addition, shooting through a microscope is also the cause of this phenomenon because the greater the magnification, the lower the depth of the image. This can also occur when photographing landscapes because the photographer wants to focus on both the foreground and the background. Helicon Focus's overlay feature will help users eliminate the disadvantages in these cases. bubble shooter
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