Nikon D800e tethering to Macbook pro laptop

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Nikon D800e tethering to Macbook pro laptop

Post by fifiatthebeach »

Hi there,
I have just purchased Helicon software and I have tried to tether my Nikon D8003e to my laptop (MacBook Pro MacOS Catalina 10.15.5) without success.
When I go to Helicon Remote and click on Select a camera D800e appears but none of the settings are able to be selected.
I also can't load NEF files directly into the program to Render them, is this possible?
I look forward to your help with these problems as I can't wait to start using, please note I'm not very tech savvy so any simple answers will be greatly appreciated,
kindest regards fifi
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Re: Nikon D800e tethering to Macbook pro laptop

Post by Catherine »


NEF files can certainly be loaded directly. Make sure to install the Adobe DNG Converter, this is probably what is missing and causing the problem: ... ftpID=6955

As for Helicon Remote, try the following:
1. Plug the camera in, turn it on.
2. Start Helicon Remote (in this order, it may be important).
3. Do not do or click anything else. Wait for some 10-20 seconds for the "Select a camera" button to turn into "D800E", which means the camera was both detected and selected (communication started).
4. If at this point the interface didn't unlock and the camera settings panel didn't populate with the actual settings queried from your camera, please send a bug report (menu - Help - Report a bug). If it did populate, try using the program - all should be fine now.
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