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Post by Domip » 16.07.2020 20:38

Hi, May I suggest the following for a smoother workflow:
When saving, it's normal that you want to overwrite (the first) file of a sequence, but every time you are asked to confirm the overwrite, with is always a stop as the button to accept is not the default (blue selected).
Maybe adding a box to select (or not) the defaulted button in the Preferences could make this happen.

Thanks !
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Re: Suggestion

Post by Catherine » 24.07.2020 09:59


Thank you for your suggestion. I understand what you want to do, but we've discussed this collectively and agreed that the current behavior is correct: destructive actions (in your case - rewriting the first file of the stack with the rendering result) need a prompt, and the confirmation button must not be the one selected by default.

Is it really such a good idea to overwrite the first source image this way? For instance, if for some reason you later decide to re-render the stack, you need to fetch this first image from backup storage and replace it back? That seems unnecessary. The SOURCE_FILE_NAME naming scheme was not designed for overwriting the actual source file, it's intended for saving the resulting image(s) in a separate folder. Obviously, no one understand your workflow better than yourself, but we recommend that you at least consider saving the resulting image either to a different folder, or using a different naming scheme, thus not overwriting the first source image of the stack.

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