Helicon Focus Preformance Increase?

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Helicon Focus Preformance Increase?

Post by motoX9090 »

Hi just an avid Helicon user in my every day client work with macro stacking (up to 70 photos at once). I am editing on the brand new fully upgraded macbook pro so preformance isnt an issue but i was just wondering if there is any way to speed up the workflow of stacking dngs without the loss of quality my stacks can take upwards of 10-20mins.
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Re: Helicon Focus Preformance Increase?

Post by Catherine »

Parallel image loading is something you may want to try: HF top menu->Edit->Preferences->Performance tab: Parallel image loading - Enable.
External GPU could also be an option, however, the max speed will still be about 200 MP/s due to limitations of the cable connection.
Unfortunately, there not much to upgrade in a macbook in terms of performance.
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