Newbie: Using Helicon to only align images?

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Newbie: Using Helicon to only align images?

Post by Jerry-and-Lois » 30.09.2020 06:33

Hello, apologies if this has already been asked - but couldn't find anything on this.

I have a set of jewelry images that I shot. Unfortunately, even with a very heavy-duty geared tripod head, and a very heavy duty tripod leg set (with weights), my camera (d850) drifted a small amount between each shot.

I need to align all 10 of the shots, as I was both manually bracketing exposures (varying shutter speeds only), as well as moving lights slightly to capture sparkle factor on the numerous gemstones.

Result - I have 10 shots that I need to have perfectly aligned, after which I can composite and mask to end up with the sparkle from each shot in a single frame.

Does Helicon do image alignment without also trying to do focus stacking? Does it also help with focus breathing?

Ultimately, I hoping to end up with a layered TIFF, with each layer perfectly aligned. Unfortunately PS CC isn't very good at doing this (no matter which alignment method is used, layers can be many pixels off relative to each other).

thank you for your reply,

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