Capture One Plugin workflow?

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Capture One Plugin workflow?

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I need to focus stack around 15k images for a panorama shot with a Fuji Camera.
Ideally I would be able to have a RAW round trip from Capture One to Helicon Focus and back to C1 for final raw processing.

I can't use the Capture One plugin with .RAF files.
Here the issues I'm experiencing:
1) The plugin for C1 can't send .RAF files to Helicon Focus, even if Helicon can work with them.
2) The .RAF file need to be converted to .TIFF (DNG conversion is not supported for RAF files in C1)
2b) Which is very inconvenient and slow (15k images converted to tiff take too much time and space)
3) Even when I work already with .DNG files in C1 and the plugin is set to send files as .DNG, Capture One attempts to convert them! (but they are already DNG. What's going on?!)

Can anybody tell me what is the correct workflow for a .RAF round trip with C1 and Helicon Focus, thanks?
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