HF 7.6.4 install problem

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HF 7.6.4 install problem

Post by RichJ »

Previous version installed and working. Win 10 Pro, up-to-date.

Attempts to install 7.6.4 did not request install location.

On launch crashed (closed) after only showing white screen with 7.6.4 version

Reinstalled, same problem.

Rebooted, now freezes at same screen.

Used Windows uninstall. Install folder was not empty (many files), deleted all manually.

Reinstalled, now works.

Noted that HF install overwrote current DNG converter with out-of-date version.

Looks like 2 problems, maybe did not install in correct dir (not on boot drive!)

DNG converter install needs to get current version...

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Re: HF 7.6.4 install problem

Post by Catherine »

Hello Richard,

Thank you for describing the problem(s) you've encountered and how you solved them. This is not a common problem - I don't recall any other such reports, not sure what could have gone wrong there, but we'll keep an eye for this.

As for the DNG converter, one could argue the Adobe DNG Converter's installer itself should be checking if the already installed version is newer. But on the other hand, this isn't necessarily a mistake or a problem because we're bundling the one we have tested Helicon Focus with, and while generally there are no problems from updating the converter, one of the recent Adobe DNG Converter versions (12.1 or 12.2, I don't recall exactly) was broken on Windows and it was quite useful that the Helicon Focus installer was deploying the version that actually works even though it was one or two releases older.
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Re: HF 7.6.4 install problem

Post by macrowe »

Thank you! This helps.
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